Frequently asked questions

Who we are and how we buy any house works?

We are property developer at heart and most of the property we purchase is often refurbished, if needed. We developed this site in order to secure more property for investment or development. Some of our purchases are retained for our own portfolio and some are re-sold. We started in property in the early 90’s and have been lucky enough to survive two property crashes in the early 90’s and again in 2007. We operate primarily in Liverpool, but also in Manchester

There are three common pitfalls when dealing with the “quick house sale” industry.

Dropping the price at the last minute of your Liverpool Property.

Exclusive contracts are common in the “fast property sale” industry.

Offering prices which are simply unfair and unrealistic.

Assuming there is no new issues which come to light which affect the property value after we have completed our due diligence we won’t need to adjust our formal offer so this means we won’t drop the price at the last minute, a common pitfall when dealing with our industry. We won’t ask you to sign an exclusive contract either; this is another common pitfall in our industry. We don’t claim to pay 100% of your property value; however, for property in poor condition and in some postcodes we often match or come close the valuation from a local estate agent, however, this is in selected areas and is usually for a property in need of refurbishment or land with or without planning permission in certain Liverpool postcodes. In other areas we typically offer a price similar to any Liverpool property auction valuation.

Will I get a fair price for my Liverpool property?


The “sell my house fast” industry is known for offering low prices, this is true in some cases. Typically as a general guide we offer about what you would receive at any Liverpool property auction. However, in some postcodes we can beat an auction valuation and have often come close the valuation given by local estate agents, in selected areas, this happens regularly and would usually be for a property in need of a refurbishment in certain postcodes. We can offer you examples of this on request and the price really does depend on the postcode. With regard to land prices in Liverpool, in most areas, we can usually match auction valuations or make an offer close to any valuation for land given by your estate agent, assuming you have had a valuation before contacting us. We can also provide a land valuation service for any Liverpool land for sale via RICS valuers. We are a land buyer in Liverpool for land with or without planning permission.

Getting a valuation and making you an offer.

Simple and fast in comparison to house auctions. We view your property, then if we confirm we wish to proceed, with your approval we’ll engage two local estate agents of your choice in your

area to give us a valuation, after this, we make you an offer based on the average of their two valuations. If access is a problem we can still make you an offer based on your description of the property condition inside.

The legal process and choosing a solicitor.

You will need a solicitor. If you use an independent solicitor from our panel, then we pay your costs, these are well known, long established firms of solicitors based in Liverpool who we have confidence in progressing the transaction quickly. We pay 100% of the cost. We offer this because a slow acting, less property experienced solicitor will delay any sale. Our panel solicitors are not connected to us and won’t affect the quality of work you receive in any way as the solicitor acts for you solely and in your interests and in according to all the usual rules of the law society. On completion, we’ll provide you the funds, and you pay the solicitor directly, this solicitor will be a different firm of solicitors to ours and, and will be an entirely separate firm with no connection to our solicitors, they will be acting in your best interests, not ours. Whoever you choose, your solicitor will need to have full professional indemnity insurance, have a minimum of two partners working at their firm, and be a licensed conveyance solicitor with no disciplinary proceedings or any legal action against them. The service you receive from a solicitor makes a huge difference to the speed of the transaction and the experience generally between buyer and seller.

Where and what type of property do we buy in Liverpool?

Houses, land, commercial property, retail, leisure, hotels, warehouses, just about anything, tenanted or vacant, even anything with structural or title issues. We buy in Liverpool, Manchester and surrounding areas. Liverpool property wanted.

*If you have family with young children and are in financial difficulty facing repossession, then we will not be interested in purchasing your property.