Selling for a quick sale versus Liverpool property auctions

We Buy Any House Liverpool -V- Liverpool Property Auctions

Our advantages

-In 90% of our purchases we make an offer within 24 hours of viewing.

-At any Liverpool house auction, you will be required to provide full legal documentation before you enter any property, then when completed you wait for the next available auction.

-We are a property developer at heart and refurbish rather than re-sell most of our purchases.

-Faster sale, especially if your Liverpool auction property has to be re-entered for a second time.

-We pay your legal fees. No entry fees like Liverpool auctions and no 20% VAT on top of their fees.

-Remove uncertainly of your Liverpool property not selling and reaching the auction reserve.

We don’t ask for exclusive contracts like Liverpool auctions and won’t drop the price, last minute.

We always try to pay a higher price in most postcodes against any Liverpool auction property.

-Confidential sale as your Liverpool property for sale will not be advertised.

-We make a contribution to your legal costs or pay 100% of legal costs in about 50% of our purchases, if you choose our nominated solicitor who has experience of our purchase process.

-Assuming you have a mortgage, please also take into account the extra mortgage payments to be paid when you sell through any auction house in Liverpool. We can cut risk and completion times which then reduces your mortgage payments.

-In some cases, but not always, some auctioneers tend to give a high reserve expectation in order to secure your business, this often leads to disappointment.

The price we pay would usually be in line with a Liverpool auction valuation, however in some postcodes we would often pay more, especially if you have land for sale in Liverpool or you are considering selling land at auction anywhere in the UK with or without planning permission.

If you are looking for property auctions in Liverpool, there are two main property auctions in Liverpool, Venmore property auctions and Sutton Kersh property auctions. These are well established house auctions in Liverpool. Property auctions Liverpool take place every few months between the two main players, Venmore property auctions and Sutton Kersh property auctions. House auctions Liverpool also sell various plots of land for sale and land

for sale without planning permission. If you are selling land privately in Liverpool we also buy land and are an experienced land buyer in Liverpool. If you are wondering; how do I find the value of my land or ‘’how much is development land worth per acre’’ then we can provide a valuation service.

Liverpool property auctions are a quick way of selling, but we can be even faster without you losing out on price. House auctions in Liverpool won’t guarantee you a property sale, but we will.

House auctions or land auctions in Liverpool work and are a serious option to any property seller, however some Liverpool house auctions fail to achieve full success with only 80% of lots sold on average, plus you also have selling at auction fees which can vary, as auction fees in Liverpool depend on which property auctions in Liverpool you choose.

As regards sale prices at auction for houses for auction in Liverpool, this can vary depending on the auction house in Liverpool or number of people attending a Liverpool property auction on any given day.

Any property auction Liverpool carries some risk in that anything can and does happen on the day of the event.

The pros and cons of auction against estate agents sale in Liverpool.


Faster sale in comparison to any estate agent in Liverpool, your property will be well marketed, the sale will be ‘’sold as seen’’ with no cooling off period for buyers so the property has exchanged when the hammer drops! You also have reserve price protection; however you have to wait until the next auction to adjust your reserve in most cases.


Lower price most of the time, however sometimes the reserve can be exceeded, however on the day, there is no guarantee of a sale on the sale day, and often prices don’t always reflect the history of sales from a previous auction and can sometimes be hard to predict even for a professional. For property for auction in Liverpool, You will also need everything ready in advance in terms of the contract of sale and your auction house paperwork.

If you have decided; “I want to sell my house in Liverpool”? There are advantages of selling your house at auction as well as disadvantages; many sell at auction because they require a faster sale compared with an estate agent or the property in poor condition. If you want to know “should I sell my house at auction” then you have to consider selling at auction in Liverpool very carefully whether you choose the Kersh auction or Venmore auctions as there are the main two auctioneers in Liverpool. You may also consider you will pay Venmore auction fees and Sutton Kersh auction fees against our zero fee policy, plus we can also pay 100% of your legal fees in most cases.

*If you have family with young children and are in financial difficulty facing repossession, then we will not be interested in purchasing your property.