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We Buy Any House Liverpool is not a re-seller and we don’t immediately re-sell, which is typical of the ‘fast house sale’ industry.

We pay market value for refurbishment projects, which means you’ll get more from us than entering your property or land into a Liverpool property auction.

We launched to source Liverpool property for investment or development. Most of our purchases are retained for our own portfolio as a property developer in Liverpool, we are always looking for houses, land or any new property projects and investments in Liverpool.

We started in property in the early 90’s and have been lucky enough to survive two property crashes in the early 90’s and again in 2007. We operate primarily in Liverpool, but also in Manchester and London.

We pay market value for refurbishment projects

We often purchase a property through local agents such as Venmore, Sutton Kersh, Move Residential so always pay normal market value for any property in poor condition needing an up-date or refurbishment so you can genuinely save on fees, and time and selling to We Buy Any House Liverpool. We have no issue paying a fair market price for the right property.


Houses/Commercial Property not requiring any building works

We would expect between 5 to 15% discount depending on the area, typically you would probably get a higher price from us than any Liverpool auction house. In some areas in high demand such as L1, L2, L3, (parts of L7), L17, L18, L19, L25 you may be surprised how much we typically pay.

 We pay market value for Land

Market value, and we often match or sometimes beat existing offers. We have experience in the purchase of land with or without planning permission as we are a property development company at heart. Land with no planning permission for sale is welcome as land with planning permission for sale.

If you have a family with children and are in a distressed sale position we are unable to purchase your property, instead, we can put you in contact with local Government agencies which may be useful.

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