Quick Home Sale: Completion Times

The service you receive from a solicitor makes a huge difference to the speed of the transaction and the experience generally between the home buyer and seller..

If all goes smoothly, and both solicitors work well together then a four week completion time is possible, however, this can vary and some completions take longer.

In general, you can expect a much quicker completion than your local auction house or estate agent.

A slow-acting, less property experienced solicitor will delay any sale. Our panel solicitors are not connected to us and won’t affect the quality of work you receive in any way as the solicitor acts for you solely and in your interests and in according to all the usual rules of the law society.

On completion, we’ll provide you the funds, and you pay the solicitor directly, this solicitor will be a different firm of solicitors to ours and, and will be an entirely separate firm with no connection to our solicitors, they will be acting in your best interests, not ours.

Whoever you choose, your solicitor will need to have full professional indemnity insurance, have a minimum of two partners working at their firm, and be a licensed conveyance solicitor with no disciplinary proceedings or any legal action against them.

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